Re: [wmii] UTF-8 text issue in wmii-3.6

From: Anthony Martin <>
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 19:20:00 -0700

> That was my first idea, but it seems that X
> just takes the first font that fits the pattern.

I started the process of explaining how X draws
a character with X(mb|wc|utf8)DrawString but
about half way through, I was confused.

Having nice fonts in wmii/dwm really boils down
to using a UTF-8 locale and building a font set
that you like.

My locale is en_US.utf8 and my font string is:


Yes, you can supply multiple fonts. Read
XCreateFontSet(3) if you want more details.

The downside to the font set above is the lack
of complete Chinese and Korean coverage. If I
ever find a 13px font that covers the GB2312
and KSC5601 encodings, there will be much
rejoicing. The smallest fonts that look good
*and* cover GB2312 and KSC5601 are the 16px
fangsong li and mincho fonts, respectively.
That's too big for my tastes.

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