Re: [wmii] sswriter

From: Jonathan 'Sky' Squirawski <>
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2008 22:16:29 +0200


I would enjoy to patch sswriter with your feature but actualy I'm rewriting it
with a totaly new design. In my new version, sswriter is composed of a daemon
and several tools to start/get some "monitoring elements" and can be used by
the network. The final purpose is to have tools wich can monitor a group of
computers and print some charts on a web site.

But I want to keep a meaning to use it for a status bar same as before with more
ease (by introduce the concept of profile to load a configuration in a file
for example).

Unfortunatly I'm not really ready to distribute this version of sswriter
before a moment... :s

Jonathan 'Sky' Squirawski

Le Tue, 16 Sep 2008 16:58:34 +0200, a écrit :

> Hi,
> I used to have a plenty of perl scripts to fill the status line, but find
> the native way of doing this considerably faster => better.
> When I found sswriter on this thread in May I was missing the ability to
> get the content of a file at particular place in the output. After this
> feature have been implemented a month later the main thing I was missing
> was the ability to limit the number of chars in particular areas of the
> output.
> I need this, because I like to have the more important part on the right
> (battery, network ifaces, load, etc.) and the less important on the left,
> near the wmii/dwm tags. The less important part tends to have unpredictable
> size, e.g. incoming instant messages, and sometimes eats the space for the
> important part.
> I have implemented the areas concept some weeks after that. Please find
> below the patch for 0.3.1. If it gets corrupted by the mail transfer, I can
> provided it through http, too. Just drop a line, if needed. The code is far
> from good quality -- suggestions are welcome.
> You can start an area in the format string with ``['' and close it with
> (surprise :o) ) ``]''. With ``--area max1 max2 max3'' on the command line,
> the maximal width of the first, second, and third opened area can be
> specified.
> The perl script I used before implements an extended version of the areas
> concept: If the content of the area is larger than the given maximum, it
> scrolls the content with configurable speed (chars/sec). (No status has to
> be kept by the algorithm, it is based on the current time). I would like to
> have this implemented in sswriter too. This is on the top of my todo for
> sswriter when I have more time to spend (and this is not going to be soon,
> I am afraid). Next thing is wide chars support. Often, the files I print
> have non-ascii (Cyrillic) chars -- would be nice to handle them correctly.
> If somebody has already implemented this feature, please let me know.
> But for now I am comfortable with this version, too.
> Hope this helps to somebody.
> :o)
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