Re: [wmii] sswriter

From: Jonathan 'Sky' Squirawski <>
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2008 21:11:04 +0200

Le Thu, 18 Sep 2008 18:22:47 +0200,
Stanimir Dragiev <> a écrit :

> Hi,
> * Jonathan 'Sky' Squirawski <> [2008-09-16 22:23]:
> > I would enjoy to patch sswriter with your feature but actualy I'm rewriting
> > it with a totaly new design.
> That's OK with me.
> I just wanted to be helpful, if someone does have same preferences like me.
> My code is not that suckless -- you might have saved the world by not
> applying the patch :o)))
Lol I'm sure not.

> > In my new version, sswriter is composed of a daemon
> > and several tools to start/get some "monitoring elements" and can be used by
> > the network. The final purpose is to have tools wich can monitor a group of
> > computers and print some charts on a web site.
> I do not need these client/server features. I would achieve similar effect
> by using ssh and invoking sswriter, as is, and printing what I want (if I
> understand correctly). So, I think I'll stick to the current sswriter.
> But you surely have your reasons and scenarios for the new version.
Yes I've my reasons :p One is that the new sswriter will be more efficient and
faster. Each element will have its intervall of time to be checked (groups of
elements will be possible) and data stored by the daemon. For example the time
(with seconds) needs to be update more frequently than the battery charge. A
reason for the client/server features is I want that sswriter monitor all my
computers and send data to my web site. But the lamda user will be able to
ignore these features. In brief... I've my scenarios :p

> > Unfortunatly I'm not really ready to distribute this version of sswriter
> > before a moment... :s
> Happy coding! Good luck!
Thanks :)
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