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From: Donny Jekels <Donny.Jekels_AT_imc-chicago.com>
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2008 12:04:05 -0600


I am a newbie to wmii; somehow an avid shell scripter and totally enjoy every bit of wmii

On my workstation I have dual 21" monitors next to each other and when I log in I painstakingly fire up 20 xterms;

Lay them out: (window #1)
right monitor:
            total columns = 4
                    column 1 holds 2 xterm windows (scratch pads) [ work area ]
                    column 1 holds 3 xterm windows (various top/while loops to core servers and routers) [ monitoring ]
                    column 1 holds 5 xterm windows (constant mtr sessions to varios locations throughout our environment) [ monitoring ]
                    column 1 holds 5 xterm windows ( constant mtr sessions to varios locations throughout our environment) [ monitoring ]

left monitor:
            total columns = 2
                    column 1 holds ~8 xterm windows (stacked) [ work area - where I do my day to day stuff(don't ask) ]
                    column 1 holds ~4 xterm windows (stacked) [ holds eclipse, firefox; and other usefull programs ]

Apart from the layout I then have short aliases that ssh <remote> <command> in each of the monitoring windows

This is my main layout on window 1 and I want it to automatically layout and fire up all my ssh sessions - upon reboot or x11 crash etc...

Can anyone please get me started in the right direction, that would be great.

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