[wmii] wmii-hg and Xinerama

From: Benjamin Schnitzler <benjaminschnitzler_AT_googlemail.com>
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2009 12:31:00 +0100

recently i tried out wmii-hg from the Arch/AUR repositories
and was delighted with the result. Unfortunatly i have one
little problem. I use two monitors by means of Xinerama, the
one of my laptop and an external one connected to it. In my
.xinitrc I have following Configuration:

1 xrandr --output LVDS --fb 2048x768 --left-of VGA
2 wait 2
4 exec wmii

Though Xinerama is works flawlessly, starting wmii sets
focus to the external monitor and places the status bar on
it. I'd rather have the status bar on the laptop monitor.
Is there a way to accomplish that? How?
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