Re: [wmii] wmii-hg and Xinerama

From: Julien Pecqueur (JPEC) <>
Date: Fri, 06 Feb 2009 18:19:45 +0100
Hi everybody,

I have the same result on my netbook... Before your email i thought it was because the external screen resolution was higher.
I tryed with :
"xrandr --output LVDS --mode 1024x600 --pos 128x1025  --output VGA --mode 1280x1024 --pos 0x0"
and :
"xrandr --output LVDS --mode 1024x600 --output VGA --mode 1280x1024 --above LVDS"
but the result is the same :(


Benjamin Schnitzler wrote:
On 07:57 Fri 06 Feb     , Kris Maglione wrote:
It uses whichever Xinerama (XRandR) designates as primary. Try:

xrandr --output VGA --fb 2048x768 --right-of LVDS
exec wmii

(the wait is unnecessary)

Kris Maglione

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Sorry if this gets a double post, my system crasht during mailing
the last mail.
Youre right Kris, the wait is useless, sorry. 
To the Problem:
xrandr --output VGA --fb 2048x768 --right-of LVDS does not make
anything better. Still the wmii panel is on the external Screen.
At least you gave a good hint giving me the "primary"-keyword,
but after some research i could still not figure out, how to set 
it right. Are there any other Ideas?
Thanks so far,


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