Re: [wmii] wrong windows sizes after returning from fullscreen window

From: Alex Kilgore <>
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2009 14:21:40 -0400

I think I reported this one already
feel free to add your input

Martin Kraus wrote:
> hello again. I have two stacked columns of terminals on screen. When I put one
> terminal into fullscreen(alt+f) and then return, most of the times
> some title bars of other terminals disapear from the column. before fullscreen
> it show say 5 terminal bars, after fullscreen 3. if I maximize view(alt+m) and
> then change to stacked view(alt+s) it gets corrected.
> also the vertical size of the last terminal window in stacked view is often
> too large and runs off the bottom of the screen. I can type into the terminal
> but I don't see what I type until it scrolls up. alt+m,alt+s also corrects
> this problem.
> lastly, when I put window into fullscreen and then back again, it is put as
> the first window in stack, instead of being put back into its previous place in
> the stack.
> Is there any solution to this problem? I've had this problem for a few months
> now and I hope I'm not the only one:-)
> I'm using wmii-hg2438.
> thanks
> mk
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