Re: [dev] uzbl

From: Michael <>
Date: Sun, 24 May 2009 23:47:40 +0400

Jacob Todd wrote:
> Has anyone tried out uzbl ( Seems interesting, it would
> be nice to replace firefox with this. I plan on installing it on my
> gentoo system later today.

I have tried it already, and found very nasty thing about native
language handling (filed bug already), although I think the idea is
fantastic. I really tired with firefox eating hundred of megs, although
everything I need is a rendered page; text and "diet" browsers didn't
work well with sites which I visit regularly.

Although concept of one page per instance isn't very useful for me right
now. I use dwm, and I want web page be full screen, but if I'm not in
monocle mode, pages get shrunk in a half if there is more than one page,
which is bad, and monocle mode isn't useful because I want my terminal
windows be tiled.

I would be happy with buffers concept, like in Vim - you see only one
buffer in a time, but able to switch between, but probably it isn't what
developers want.

Another solution would be create tag for unwanted pages and bring one
(or few) of them to front when I need them, but unfortunately, to make
such things automatic dwm needs some kind of remote control, which is
not implemented yet (and probably won't).

Anyway, great idea, thank you very much.
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