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Date: Sun, 24 May 2009 22:38:02 +0200

* Michael <> [2009-05-24 21:55]:
> Although concept of one page per instance isn't very useful for me right
> now. I use dwm, and I want web page be full screen, but if I'm not in
> monocle mode, pages get shrunk in a half if there is more than one page,
> which is bad, and monocle mode isn't useful because I want my terminal
> windows be tiled.

With tabs you can view only one rendered document at a time. If you have
multiple instances (e.g. with uzbl), you can send the inactive ones to
some other (dedicated or whatever) tag.

Then, to get some inactive to active is pretty much the same amount of
keystrokes like you would need with tabs, isn't it?

> I would be happy with buffers concept, like in Vim - you see only one
> buffer in a time, but able to switch between, but probably it isn't what
> developers want.

I very much like what uzbl devs propose. It moves from the concept of

- 'Here is everything I do with a browser' (e.g. check mails, debug web
  appl, read news, watch videos ... ) to

- 'Here is everything I need for doing X' (doing X being e.g. writing a
  paper, web development, leisure activities, etc.'.

For me, the second way of doing things is much better. I do use multiple
buffers within Vim but only when all the files are related -- it enables
me, for example, to copy across documents. For documents belonging to
unrelated tasks, other multiplexing methods are better suited, e.g.
different terminals, screen, dvtm or whatever. And dwm helps to manage this
stuff the right way.

> Another solution would be create tag for unwanted pages and bring one
> (or few) of them to front when I need them, but unfortunately, to make
> such things automatic dwm needs some kind of remote control, which is
> not implemented yet (and probably won't).

should have read this before my suggestion in the first paragraph.

btw, I still haven't given a try to uzbl. Shame on me :o)

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