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From: Michael <>
Date: Mon, 25 May 2009 01:41:10 +0400 wrote:
> * Michael <> [2009-05-24 21:55]:
> > Although concept of one page per instance isn't very useful for me right
> > now. I use dwm, and I want web page be full screen, but if I'm not in
> > monocle mode, pages get shrunk in a half if there is more than one page,
> > which is bad, and monocle mode isn't useful because I want my terminal
> > windows be tiled.
> With tabs you can view only one rendered document at a time. If you have
> multiple instances (e.g. with uzbl), you can send the inactive ones to
> some other (dedicated or whatever) tag.
> Then, to get some inactive to active is pretty much the same amount of
> keystrokes like you would need with tabs, isn't it?

Well, suppose I have 5 page in 'oldweb' tag and 1 page in 'web' tag, to
bring up page which I want, I need:
 * switch to oldweb
 * _visually_ found page
 * tag it to web
 * switch to web again
 * tag unneeded page to oldweb

Maybe I miss simple way of uzbl handling, but that's what I came up.
It's painful. Although I happy with tagging concept and use it
successfully for terminals and other things, but web don't work well
with me in such way.

If uzbl could handle Vim-like buffers it could be a little bit shorter:
 * :ls
 * find page by URL
 * :<number> (for example)

Third way is to make first way automatic: make a collection of windows
for certain tags, select one through dmenu, oldweb-tag current, and
web-tag selected. But dwm have to be told somehow to send list of
oldweb-tagged windows, to tag and untag certain windows. (And I really
don't want to throw away dwm, although I think wmii has such
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