Re: [dev] [st] goals / non-goals for st?

From: Mate Nagy <>
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 2009 10:34:34 +0200

> > sounds fine. Maybe with a keybinding and adding numbers to the link like vimperator does.
> >
> Lynx-cur has also the numbering link feature as an option and doesn't use
> javascript for that as vimperator does.
 the best thing about vimperator though (which makes it usable as
opposed to everything else with this approach) that you don't have to
type in the number; you can just type a few characters of the link text,
and it'll filter the suitable link candidates with each character
interactively. It'll also renumber the candidates in each step, so the
usual process is to type a few characters of the link then type in a
final 1 digit number to choose, or just press enter on the default

 The point is that typing a few characters of a link is faster than
typing a few numbers, because there's one less brain-processing step
involved - you don't actually have to read the number. This has a
perceptible time overhead.

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