Re: [dev] [st] goals / non-goals for st?

From: <>
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 2009 12:06:43 +0200

* Mate Nagy <> [2009-10-07 10:35]:
> > > sounds fine. Maybe with a keybinding and adding numbers to the link like vimperator does.
> > >
> > Lynx-cur has also the numbering link feature as an option and doesn't use
> > javascript for that as vimperator does.
> the best thing about vimperator though (which makes it usable as
> opposed to everything else with this approach) that you don't have to
> type in the number; you can just type a few characters of the link text,
> and it'll filter the suitable link candidates with each character
> interactively. It'll also renumber the candidates in each step, so the
> usual process is to type a few characters of the link then type in a
> final 1 digit number to choose, or just press enter on the default
> selection.
> The point is that typing a few characters of a link is faster than
> typing a few numbers, because there's one less brain-processing step
> involved - you don't actually have to read the number. This has a
> perceptible time overhead.

I usually start lynx with -nonumbers. So, a comparable approach is to type
`/` , then part of the link, then couple of times `n` and/or `N` until I
come to the desired item (last step optionally and usually not) and press
Enter. AKA (forward) search. :o)

Couple of keystrokes more, but does the job.

What I really miss from vimperator is the ability to change matching
strategies [1]. Then I'll be perfectly happy.

[1] for non-(or non-ex-)vimperator users: besides the default
behaviour, called `contains`, there are different strategies for matching
the typed text against the available links, e.g. `wordstartswith`
considering the typed search string as a concatenation of begins_with
substrings of the words of the link text. Example: `clhiysmo` matches
`click here if you suck more'


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