Re: [dev] 10gui - interesting concepts

From: Jessta <>
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 07:11:32 +1100

On 16/10/2009, Bobby <> wrote:
> I misread your email as meaning he never used more than two fingers.
> You are correct, and I agree with your comments. In addition, I think
> that the main hurdle in all of this is that my hands are moved away
> from the keyboard yet again to a different device that has no tactile
> feedback, added costs, another new paradigm to learn, and no added
> benefits over existing tiling window managers. Cool idea, but lacks
> any serious application in my opinion.

They could definitely put up an on screen keyboard, but the lack of
tactile feedback is a problem. I had this idea a while ago to make a
touch screen that created tactile feedback for it's on-screen virtual
buttons by bulging up that section of the screen, but I haven't really
been able to work out a way to do it, possibly air inflating or
something with magnets.

But yeah, the human hand is used for manipulating 3d objects and is
mostly useless for 2d, except for the pointer finger.

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