Re: [dev] GSoC 2010

From: pancake <>
Date: Thu, 04 Mar 2010 13:07:13 +0100

Szabolcs Nagy wrote:
> let me summarise the ideas so far:
> stali
> ld wrapper
I didnt understood the concept at all. can somebody explain it better?
> window system
a friend of me, who is a enlightenment developer is writing a new
graphical system
to replace X windows, it is not suckless, but really minimal, well
designed and much
more well done than the Xwindowing system (its not that hard to do it
better :P) I
can talk to him so maybe we can push this project.

Its design supports multiple local/remote graphical devices, its
everything done in
userland, even framebuffer drivers for two ARM boards and SDL for normal

Actually is focusing on 2D, but will support XV and shaders for
opengl-es at some point,
he doesnt wants to fill the stack will the current shit of X11 where
there are several
layers to do the same shit. Another thing that could be implemented is a
seamless X11
integration, so you can run X11 apps by grabbing the buffer of the
window and rendering
it into the graphical server. So it will not be 'that hard' to move from
Xorg to it.
> bug and issue tracker
> improve dmc (mail)
> widget tool kit
Anselm and me were discussing about the widget toolkit, the code name of
the project
is "dwk" Dynamic Widget Kit. which is atm just a README with few random

We (arg and me) are currently quite busy, but we plan to start working
on it before the
end of this month (at least me). If any of you want to have a look on
the current status
of the project check the mercurial repo. Feel free to open a new thread
and discuss
ideas, proposals, etc, for it.
> dwm in go
i dont see the point a part that the fun of doing it.
> text indexing
> ssl cert validation for surf

There are several other issues in surf

1) infinite loops in some situations (redirects with closed socket
instead of keepalive)
2) segmentation faults when using AJAX using local files instead of
remote ones
3) multiple empty queries when returning NULL headers by the server
4) downloads not working at all (i still have issues with them)
5) context menu doesnt allows to copy url of a picture
6) no automatic history support to log all visited urls with dmenu
> text editor
this depends on the widget toolkit and its a quite difficult task.
> improve st (terminal)
> port scanner
the port scanner is already done, but needs some enhacements, like
support for
scanning multiples IPs without having to use shell loops. i always
wanted something
minimal for "nmap -sP 192.168.0.*"
> if we need to focus the application in one area then these are not
> very good i guess..
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