Re: [dev] [wmii]: OOImpress slide show does not appear under wmii (was "Inhibit method failed")

From: Robert Ransom <>
Date: Mon, 10 May 2010 00:33:28 -0700

On Sun, 09 May 2010 22:37:26 -0700
"Larry Gagnon" <> wrote:

> > Is there an actual problem, or do you just need to run 'ooffice
> > &>/dev/null'?
> > Robert Ransom
> Robert: there is a problem. The OOImpress slide show will not work under
> wmii as it should. When "Slide Show" is selected it just sits there and
> does nothing (but does not hang OO). Those are the error messages, sending
> them to null does nothing. The slide show works fine under other window
> managers. It seems OO cannot put up a fullscreen slide show under wmii (on
> my system anyways...).

Thank you for describing your problem.

OOO Impress on wmii works for me, with the following test configuration:

* X server: Xephyr on a Fedora 12 box
* WM: wmii, running over SSH from an Arch Linux VM (freshly installed
  using pacman, with no configuration or customization of any kind)
* OOO Impress 3.1.1, running on the F12 box (same result with OOO
  Impress from freshly installed openoffice-base running on the Arch VM)

Clicking on the 'Slide Show' item, on the 'Slide Show' menu, starts a
full-screen slide show, which works as expected. OOO also spews the
irrelevant can't-inhibit-GNOME-screensaver-that-isn't-running warnings,
plus more can't-uninhibit-... warnings when the slide show ends.

I don't know what is different about your configuration; the first
thing to try is running wmii under a new user account (with no
configuration files accessible to it).

Robert Ransom

Further information about the behaviour of OOO Impress, in case it will
help you find the cause of the problem:

My usual window manager is Xmonad; under my Xmonad setup, OOO Impress
displays a non-full-screen slide show window, and disables many menu
items (notably including 'Slide Show' and 'About') until
the slide show window is closed. OOO also spews the can't-inhibit and
can't-uninhibit warnings.
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