Re: [dev] my compatible ideas: vim like mapping for any tools, C scripts, vi clone

From: Dmitry Maluka <>
Date: Fri, 14 May 2010 23:01:16 +0300

Yes another sucking bloated program.

On Fri, May 14, 2010 at 07:21:18PM +0200, mobi phil wrote:
> When you are looking some functions or some patters you use grep,
> isn't it? Each time you do grep, the file is loaded into memory, you
> do the next grep again, etc.

No. It's piped into grep. Pipes are cheap.

> There are things that make sense to embedd, but in case of an editor
> you need to have stuff inside the same process. Any data exchange
> between processes would slow down operations...

Do you really feel that latency? Don't you feel accretive complexity?

> >> * It would have a fast internal ctags like browser.
> >
> > Unless your code is all bunched in one huge file, you know what you're
> > looking for.
> > Just use a search function? Or call ctags and filter the output to a terminal,
> > say if you wanted a function list.
> you would call each time ctags when you made changes? Why don't you
> want to have stuff up to date?

Because my working environment remains simple and controllable. Bind a
keystroke to update tags. Don't you complain that your web browser does
not reload a page automatically every 5 seconds so you have to do it

> I am vim user, but often miss derived
> views that eclipse like tool present..

I piss on all those "modern IDEs" that consider themselves to be smarter
than me.

> If the design is good, you could easilly inject any kind of
> scripting language to command the core.

Yeah, it's easy. Keeping simple is hard.

> Imagine if you would break a compiler into pieces, one that would read
> the buffer, the other would tokenize, the 3rd would do syntactical
> analisys etc.. and you would pipe them..

The first one is cat? )))
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