Re: [dev] Is there a reason to use install(1)?

From: Moritz Wilhelmy <>
Date: Sat, 29 May 2010 23:46:05 +0200

> Very often I see makefile use install(1) when cp, mkdir, chmod, and
> Co. would be equally compact.


install -D -m755 -u foo -g bar $DESTDIR/usr/bin


mkdir -p $DESTDIR/usr/bin
cp $DESTDIR/usr/bin
chmod 755 $DESTDIR/usr/bin/
chown foo:bar $DESTDIR/usr/bin/

and tell me about "equally compact" again...
install has been there since one of the early BSD releases and has been adopted
from every UNIX(-clone) I am aware of.

Kind regards,

Moritz Wilhelmy
Received on Sat May 29 2010 - 21:46:05 UTC

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