[dev] curses samterm

From: Wolf Tivy <wtivy1_AT_my.bcit.ca>
Date: Mon, 02 Aug 2010 15:15:36 -0700

I noticed there is a project for a samterm on the project ideas page.
Has anyone started on this? It seems like a really good idea.

I guess ideally it would be usable without X (in text mode) but would
still keep the nice view and selection interface.
Luxuries like syntax coloring would be nice but really not critical.

So on that note, it looks like curses is the way to go (as has been
previously suggested). Then the issue is how closely our curses
samterm would resemble bitmap samterm. Considering all the clicky
menus and scrollbars and such, it may be best for the curses interface
to be a totally different design.

With that in mind, does anyone have good ideas for a curses samterm

I am enthusiastic about this project and I'd be willing to help, but I have
never touched any curses code and my only familiarity with sam is
the papers and an occasional sam -d.
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