Re: [dev] curses samterm

From: Evan Gates <>
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2010 15:30:55 -0700

> So on that note, it looks like curses is the way to go (as has been
> previously suggested). Then the issue is how closely our curses
> samterm would resemble bitmap samterm. Considering all the clicky
> menus and scrollbars and such, it may be best for the curses interface
> to be a totally different design.

Curses does support mouse use at this point, and seeing as the use of
the mouse to select text is one of the big features of sam, I think
it'd be important to keep that. Instead of using the menu, the options
from it could all be mapped to single or chorded keystrokes of the
left hand (user defined mappings so lefties, righties, and users of
any keyboard would be happy...). The biggest question I feel is what
to do about the command window vs file windows. My first thought is
that we're headed towards a modal editor like vi, but then you can no
longer select and edit text from the command window or paste into
different files unless you have separate "windows" open in curses or
use a clipboard outside of sam. Which brings my second thought of
actually having a separate command window in the curses interface
instead of being modal. Problem is, neither of these sound like a good
way of going about it. Any ideas?

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