[dev] support for virtual keyboards

From: pancake <pancake_AT_youterm.com>
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2010 23:58:45 +0200

I would like to ask for virtual keyboard support for dwm. as discussed in IRC,
there's an old patch . and support was removed from main repo.

Anselm, can you readd support for it? It would be nice to have support for it.


I would also talk about a patch/idea for dwm I did few time ago to make dwm run nice
on touchscreens. The patch was a hack and was not working well in some situations, so
I would prefer to rewrite-it

Here's the concept:

* Clicking

  | | | <--.
  | |----| |
  | | | <--|--- clicking in any of non-main clients
  | |----| | results in focus+zoom+move cursor to main
  | | | <--'
     '---- focused window

I think that dwm must support touchscreens, as a patch or in config.h

Another idea to make dwm work nice in touchscreen is to add the possibility
to run an app (virtualkeyboard, menu, ..) horitzontally tiled in the other side
of the dwmmenubar. this feature will make dwm compatible with panels like the
one in xfce/gnome or virtual keyboards, by requesting a specific area of the
screen (defined in config.h)

what do you people think about those ideas? Any implementation?

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