Re: [dev] [vp] A media website video player/fetcher

From: thuban <>
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2010 21:44:43 +0200

Le Sun, 15 Aug 2010 05:18:55 -0400,
Kris Maglione <> a écrit :

> This is a cleaned up version of some of the scripts I've been
> using for a long time to play videos from sites like YouTube. I
> use a key binding in my browser to copy the video URL and run
> this script, which automatically runs a media player with the
> given video. It can also fetch streaming videos. I have another
> script that I use along with it to fetch a series of videos (the
> dreaded multi-part uploads of YouTube fame), which I'm not
> uploading at the moment.
> For now, the only sites supported are YouTube and Revision3, but
> I'm releasing in the hope that others will find it useful and
> add more. I have some others, but they're not remotely release
> ready. I'm well aware that there are other such programs around,
> but they all tend to weigh in at several thousand lines, and the
> logic for the individual sites is burried somewhere in the
> middle. With vp, to add a new site, you just add a new vp-*
> file, put the URL pattern at the top, and write whatever logic
> you need.
> The basic requirements are 9base or plan9port, curl, and, at the
> moment, a javascript engine (spidermonkey or kjs) for the
> youtube script, although I'll probably replace it with an awk
> script in the near future.
> hg clone
> cd vp
> mk install

Here is a project that might help you to make vp usable for other
websites :
I was using cclive to replace flashplugin with a shortkey, exactly as
you described above, to read the videos with mplayer for example. but
I'll try vp I think.
Nice idea! Good luck to continue!
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