Re: [dev] [wmii] wimenu custom completion

From: Kris Maglione <>
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2010 06:26:37 -0400

On Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 12:04:28PM +0200, LuX wrote:
>> I'd suggest some slight changes, though:
>*** Here is a patch (diff file)
>> The following will do what you want:
>*** Here is a full script
>I'm sorry but I'm a little bit confused here (recall that I'm somewhat
>a beginner in this area). It seems to me that some of the changes in
>your patch are included in your script but not all of them. For example
>the 'update' function in the script doesn't use its 'cmpl' argument.
>Thus I'm not sure about which version of your script I have to a apply
>the patch to.
>Probably I did something wrong but all the variants I have tried to
>build by mixing all of this, contain erroneous code. Either they
>produce odd messages in the terminal when I run 'sh', or
>typing options which are not declared in $opts doesn't work properly:
>after typing for example 'vim -e ' in the input line, no list of files
>is displayed after the last ' ' as I would expect.

The patch was against your script. They weren't useful to mine
since it worked differently. The main intention was not to have
to pass the completion results through the shell in your case
and thus introduce possible escaping bugs and slowness. Since my
version got the results from an external file and command
anyway, it wasn't necessary. It might be good to leave it for
flexibility in future modifications, but the script wouldn't
make use of it. I take it the unmodified script that I posted
works (as it does for me)?

Kris Maglione
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