[dev] libdraw development

From: pancake <pancake_AT_youterm.com>
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2010 18:44:36 +0200

  Recently I've been writing the X11 backend of swk, the suckless widget

After some lines of code I noticed that i was redoing stuff already done by
other projects and also in libdraw.. So I started mixing raw X code with

Actually I'm hacking in 'st' in order to add clipboard and selection
support, and
certainly... the way to get/set strings in clipboard in X really sucks,
and I don't
want to repeat it..

So, the proposal here is to join efforts between st, swk, sselp, dwm and
to use and enhace libdraw in order to reduce repeated code in all the

I also liked to know if the libdraw author is open to contributions (can
I commit
it directly?).

I would like to have functions in libdraw to work with clipboard, create
(already done in dc_window in swk) and other stuff.

The next step would probably think in making different backends to libdraw
instead of dupping it in swk.

Any feedback for this proposal? :)

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