Re: [dev] Re: How do you cope with OSX? (if at all)

From: Kurt H Maier <>
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2011 13:42:24 -0400

On Fri, Mar 18, 2011 at 1:11 PM, pancake <> wrote:
> - power management not as good as in osx

this can be tweaked, and osx has an extremely naive time-remaining
alogrithm. it frequently reported seven hours of life and then
crapped its pants after four. I got nearly an hour more out of the
battery under Slackware than OS X.

> - screen is not normal rgb setup (you have to add a specifix color scheme for X11)

this is a load of crap. it's just a regular LCD, acer uses the same
models in some laptops.

> - wireless driver ( broadcom) is pure shit. It mostly works, but in powersave mode it just crashes the kernel.

absolutely true. and apple did not use a regular pcie chip here, it's
some proprietary bullshit in the hinge.

> In fact i think that mba is the best laptop atm for price/quality/weight if you like smart laptops without innecessary stuff like dvd drives or 999 plugs.

except for the fact that once you begin to do any real work with it it
overheats, and then it shuts down a core and things begin to crash
(unless you're using linux, where it deals with the core shutdown more
gracefully). Also the USB plugs are so close together that once you
plug in a 3g dongle you can't use the other port. shitty design by

> The sad thing is that there is no other option a part from Apple atm. Sony is putting prices pretty high for their vaio, hp, acer.. Just suck as real laptops (its ok if you dont plan to move them), an lenovo.. Well, they are great, but i always find them like designed by a militar.

I'll stick with thinkpads. The keyboards are nicer, I don't have to
paw at a touchpad, and there is actual warranty support where they in
fact fix problems, which is something apple's never really mastered.

> Not to say that nowadays there is no manufacturer that sells any laptop without windows (apart from apple, which ships OSX).

Thinkpads can be ordered with FreeDOS installed and no windows.

# Kurt H Maier
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