Re: [dev] dwm taskbar config

From: Andrew Antle <>
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2011 17:56:47 -0400

> I wish there would be a good howto about this stuff, so that regular users could benefit from it. Sorry

With a display manager, I think you're supposed to use . xsession, or
edit the dwm.desktop file to execute a script containing what would be
in the .xinitrc. I would imagine that a lot of people here don't use a
DM, hence the lack of docs on this topic. Plus dwm is for elitists:

> Because dwm is customized through editing its source code,
> it’s pointless to make binary packages of it. This keeps its
> userbase small and elitist. No novices asking stupid questions.
> There are some distributions that provide binary packages though.

Please read through as there is a good deal
of information there.

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