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From: pancake <>
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2011 20:20:58 +0200

You can use twitter from api. Bitlbee have a irc gateway for twitter too. And there's ttytter. Which is a cmdline client. Web sucks, and its not the only way to access it.

It offers several stuff the irc doesnt like indexing contents, clear timelines (not noisy irc channels) and bulk dumps. So you can fetch data fom different clients and go back in time.

You can probably do this with irc bots. But nobody did it yet.

In fact IM can be replaced by irc. But still theres no irc client that can be used as an IM ( because of the user interface) this is the only reason why i use xmpp. It shouldnt be hard to write a simple ui to handle mail, im and twitter using the irc protocol. Which is imho pretty clean and nice. But you end up depending on bots who do the storage, indexing, security (ciphering) for you..

In fact moat irc clients are quite bloated and are more designed to follow the protocol specs than to focus on usability or most common use cases.

A part from all the exposed above. The microblogging in general have a public nature that allows people from outside the network or not strictly following you to e able to read your messages at any time.

For all those reasons you cant replace microblogging with irc.

On 09/04/2011, at 21:10, Bjartur Thorlacius <> wrote:

> Seriously, do these sites provide anything that IRC doesn't? And no,
> groups have no use, and thus don't count. IRC is more distributed than
> StatusNet twitter-clones, and has way more implementations. Most of
> them are terrible backdoors that are best kept locked away, but some
> are almost usable.
> Really, I'd prefer an IRC bot/logger to these ╬╝blogging *websites*.
> HTML is a terribly overcomplicated overkill.
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