[dev] [dwm] Button ClkStatusText + xinerama

From: Nicolas Capit <capitn_AT_free.fr>
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2011 14:32:47 +0200


I configured dwm (5.9) with something like this in config.h:

static Button buttons[] = {
    /* click event mask button function argument */
    { ClkStatusText, 0, Button1, spawn, {.v = (const char*[]){"xclock", NULL}} },

Everything works fine with 1 screen: When I click on the status text then a
xclock appears.

If I plug another screen to my configuration with xinerama config then this
behaviour works only on the first screen. If I click on the status text (when
it is displayed) on the second screen then it is like I click on the window
title (ClkWinTitle); no xclock.

I think there is something to do at line 446 of dwm.c to calculate the right
position of the status text in xinerama but I am not sure.

    else if(ev->x > selmon->wx + selmon->ww - TEXTW(stext))
        click = ClkStatusText;

If someone can take a look at this part of the code it will be great :-)

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