[dev] [dwm] x11 corner case bug

From: Matthew Phillips <mattp_AT_cpan.org>
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2011 13:50:38 -0400

I stumbled on an odd dwm X11 bug yesterday. Resize any window (a terminal
works) to 4-5 times the width of your screens resolution, and at some point
the floating superwide window will appear on all workspaces, but becomes
unselectable. I mentioned it in #suckless where __20h___ confirmed:
16:00 <__20h___> The window is moved a bit, but always to same position, on
the other tags.
16:01 <__20h___> But on the original tag it's shown as-is.
16:02 <__20h___> Actually, on the other tags is shown everything greater
than 2xwidth/2xheight of the monster window.
16:04 <__20h___> Ok, not 2xheight, just 2xwidth.

I'd look into fixing the bug myself, but I know next to nothing about dwm
internals or X11.

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