[dev] Adding "good" xterm support to st

From: Philip Kovac <pkovac_AT_cs.uml.edu>
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2012 15:25:49 -0400

Regarding one of the goals of 'st,' would the suckless crowd be
interested in resolving the current admitted shortcomings of 'st' by
rolling in a fairly tiny library called libvterm (bzr repo at
http://bazaar.leonerd.org.uk/c/libvterm) by Paul 'Leonerd' Evans
(http://www.leonerd.org.uk) for handling terminal parsing? I know that
the philosophy of suckless is to generally avoid unnecessary code, but
in this case libvterm has encapsulated a lot of knowledge about
terminal behavior that would prevent a large amount of duplication of
effort. I currently use it in a toy project called x86term
(https://github.com/pkovac/x86term) which implements a terminal
emulator on bare x86 iron, the binary size hasn't gotten too large,
and libvterm allowed me to basically immediately bring it to a usable
state once the barebones needed were in place. If any of this
interests the suckless community, the author of libvterm and myself
both have interest in porting 'st' to it.

    Philip Kovac
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