[dev] dwm - patch bepo dvorak-fr keys

From: Simon Lieb <simon_AT_tibu.fr>
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2012 23:50:52 +0200


I made a config.h patch to adapt the dwm keys for a bepo keyboard.

The bepo disposition is an ergonomic keyboard disposition for French
language and similar. It's extend from the dvorak disposition for English
language. (bepo map :

As I use it and I use dwm, I wanted to adapt dwm for my needs

Firstly, I defined the tags keys according to the bepo disposition.

The keys "hjkl" are not close, so I remapped their functionalitys by the
"ctsr" keys.
I remapped the "tiles layout" function to the "รจ" key, which is at the
same position on the keyboard that the "t".
I also remapped the "focus previous screen" and "focus next screen" on the
same position key "q" and "g".
Finally, I also defined the "killclient" function on the "x" key.

I hope it would be helpful for someone else.

Let me know if something is wrong with the patch.

Best regards to suckless community,
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