Re: [dev] st utf8 printing

From: Eckehard Berns <>
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2012 00:03:40 +0200

> Huh, weird. What st does print (!D, and it sort of messes up
> formatting of characters right after it) makes very little sense to
> me, but that could be it. I'm not super-attached to Terminus, I
> just don't know any other X fixed fonts with big font sizes
> available.

I did a quick test and got the same behavior. AFAIK terminus has the …
character, but it seems that XmbDrawImageString has a bug. I saw strange
behavior for characters that use more than two bytes when UTF-8 encoded.

I tried to find information regarding a bug in XmbDrawImageString using
Google and found a comment in Vim's gui_x11.c that suggests that that
function isn't quite sound. Vim actually converts the string to wide
chars and uses XDrawImageString16 instead in gui_x11.c.

The dwm bar exposes the same bug, btw.

As a workaround you could try the xft version of st.

Eckehard Berns
Received on Fri Apr 13 2012 - 00:03:40 CEST

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