Re: [dev] [ii] exposed password on process monitoring

From: Connor Lane Smith <>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2012 23:51:36 +0100

On 19 April 2012 19:12, Strake <> wrote:
> Worse yet are flags whose semantics vary by argument.
> k flag takes literal password, not file name.
> If we want such a feature we ought to add a new flag, as in attached patch.

I understand your position, but I think we should have just one PASS
flag, not two. My preferred option would be to have a single flag, -k,
which takes no argument, and require that passwords be read from

On a somewhat related note, it seems strange that both ii and sic have
default hosts which are actually different. In my opinion the -h flag
should be made mandatory, with no default host.

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