[dev] simple dhcp client

From: Galos, David <galosd83_AT_students.rowan.edu>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2012 17:40:31 -0500

I've written a simple (~500 lines) dhcp client, using the plan9 client
as reference. It compiles statically to between 8 and 30K depending
on libc, and gets me onto all the networks I've thrown at it, but
that's a terribly small list.

I thought it might be of use to the people here. The source is at
galos.no-ip.org/sdhcp.tar.gz or galos.no-ip.org/sdhcp-helper.tar.gz
depending on whether you think a pipe-fed helper-script is a good

The manpage, and galos.no-ip.org/sdhcp both have more information.
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