Re: [dev] suckless document generator for C code

From: Luis Anaya <>
Date: Fri, 11 May 2012 15:03:51 -0400


On May 11, 2012, at 2:29 PM, Galos, David wrote:

>> I guess I like the idea of keeping all the information in the C header
>> file. This makes it clean.
> Less clean than troff files for the docs, I think. And retrieval is
> definitely uglier than "man header name"

As an idea.

Keep all your documentation in the header files with robodoc markings. Robodoc markings allows for the generation of man pages.

(Ta da!)

>> The problem right now is the APIs are kept in a MS Word Office 2010
>> .docx file, which doesn't work right with LibreOffice.
> Ye gads!

I'm working on a document generation project in share point to create .docx files from share point lists. There are moments that I've wished for a root canal without anesthetic during development.

>> So I would prefer anything else over using MS Word to update the API
>> docs.

Well, you can always use… VBA… (ducks…)

> Manpages document the api, usage, and gotchas etc..
> And, with troff, you can still do cool things like render
> the pages to html, or pdf.

Yes, smart application of groff -man file | ps2pdf > file.pdf will do nicely. Considering that all my typesetting that I did in College was using troff's mm's macros I'm quite fond of working with it.

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