Re: [dev] Xft patch dwm 6.0

From: Lee Fallat <>
Date: Mon, 14 May 2012 20:35:06 -0400

Here is the latest xft patch, works with tip, not sure about 6.0. It does
work with the default config file though, so high hopes. : )

   Changed drawtext, drawsquare, and getcolor to work with XftColors.
   Made it convert colors at the beginning to save resources later on
instead of originally converting on the fly.
   No memory leaks (from what i know, thanks for your patch before Lars!)
   I think that's it.

There is one bug. For some reason, The colors for the font are affected by
the previous color 'parsed' by XAllocNamedColor. If someone could check out
getcolor() and figure what is wrong, that'd be great. I'd really like to
make this patch *perfect* before throwing it up on suckless.


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