Re: [dev] Binary Space Partitioning Window Manager

From: Nick <>
Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2012 11:15:48 +0100

Quoth Bastien Dejean:
> I'm planning on writing a window manager with the following
> characteristics:
> ...

Sounds rather interesting, I approve, give it a go. Two potentiial
issues I see:

- It wouldn't interact too well with tagging. Presumably. Either
  whole container nodes and their leaves would have to be assigned
  tags, or each tag would have its own tree structure. The former
  might actually not be a bad outcome.

- I can't imagine how the interface would work in a non-annoying
  way. How would one choose the container to replace/pair to? Maybe
  just doing it on whatever window was focused would be fine.

Anyway, ignore Christoph, he's just trying to push mediocrity.

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