Re: [dev] Binary Space Partitioning Window Manager

From: Bastien Dejean <>
Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2012 14:31:46 +0200


> Two potentiial
> issues I see:
> - It wouldn't interact too well with tagging. Presumably. Either
> whole container nodes and their leaves would have to be assigned
> tags, or each tag would have its own tree structure. The former
> might actually not be a bad outcome.

I'm afraid I don't see how it could support tagging. Having one tree per
*desktop* seems to be the only option.
> - I can't imagine how the interface would work in a non-annoying
> way. How would one choose the container to replace/pair to? Maybe
> just doing it on whatever window was focused would be fine.

It is how I intend to do it (the '^' character in my ASCII drawings
indicates the focused window).

Thanks for your feedback,
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