Re: [dev] Build system: redo

From: pancake <>
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2012 00:15:57 +0200

Tup is cool but i find it quite bloated to depend on sqlite. And requires to rebuild the cache for every new file.

Apart from that the rules looks good and graph theory makes the papers cool.

I had some issues trying to port r2 from makefiles to tupfiles so i end up keeping the good old makefiles.

My cake is similar to dwm config system. Rules are defined as nested structs. This makes the design much simpler and it targets C projects only so having a build system written in C that needs a compiler to run.

I find just fun to experiment that way, but complex syntax rules are sometimes a bit ugly to define in C. So i should think on a higher level description in cpp macros or so.

If anyone wants to help here im open to proposals and patches.

On Aug 1, 2012, at 18:02, Kai Hendry <> wrote:

> On 1 August 2012 16:48, pancake <> wrote:
>> Anyone checked my cake?
> What's your take on tup?
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