[dev] dmenu, dwm and two screens

From: v4hn <me_AT_v4hn.de>
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2012 15:01:08 +0200

Hey everyone,

I got a new monitor recently and started to work with
two screens and dwm.
No problem at all. Everything works fine, except for one
_really annoying_ issue with dmenu and dwm.

If no windows are open on the current tag of one screen
and I switch to this screen&tag using the keyboard
then if I invoke dmenu it doesn't always appear on the focused
screen, but on the screen where the cursor currently is!
The issue is gone if I open at least one client on the focused
screen before invoking dmenu.

I've got no time at the moment to investigate this and don't even know
where to start looking. Could someone who knows a bit more about
X internals than me please investigate this problem!


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