Re: [dev] any update on stali?

From: Strake <>
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2012 15:55:35 -0500

On 23/08/2012, Joaquim Pedro França Simão <> wrote:
> I wonder if there is any news about stali. I searched the mail list, but had no activity on this recently.

Most activity about stali seems to be such as this.

> I started to hate autotools further.

Yes, no wonder. GNU Autotools is a system to cause build failures and
other grief, portably.

> Basically I started to see many setbacks, not to mention faults in the
> current system of distributions. I'd really like to help any project
> doesn't sucks.

I have for quite a while been trying to build a static-linked
Arch-based system with, as its core, linux, pacman, sbase, and some
tools from OpenBSD. It is highly experimental, not ready for general
use, with no warranty, quite possibly likely to kill or maim, etc,
etc. Not sure whether it will meet your criteria, but nevertheless it
can be found here:
Built packages, x86_64:
Build scripts, i.s. PKGBUILDS:

Packages built against uClibc.
Short-term goals are these:
* make pacman and the associated tools and scripts, mainly makepkg,
work with said core
* diversify architecturally, e.g. i686, Loongson
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