[dev] any update on stali?

From: Joaquim Pedro França Simão <osmano807_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2012 11:11:10 -0300

I wonder if there is any news about stali. I searched the mail list, but
had no activity on this recently.

Recently I got involved more in this area, mainly to help a friend build
a system using an updated uClibc.

I do not know whether by incompetence or by problems in the build
system, I started to hate autotools further.

I could not cross compiling binutils, every build option installs
something at a wrong location, and I did not want to move the files by

Not counting the gcc ... using BuildRoot, I can create a system, but the
system does not compile functional binaries, always generates a
segfault. Using the host cross compiler, the binaries work ...
I managed to trace it to a problem with dynamic linking, because if you
force linking with uClibc, the binary functions, and static binaries work.

I also tried using gentoo with crossdev, but many packages do not cross
compile (Perl and the horrible Configure, Python, for example).

Basically I started to see many setbacks, not to mention faults in the
current system of distributions. I'd really like to help any project
doesn't sucks.

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