Re: [dev] uriel is gone

From: Jakub Lach <>
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2012 20:09:09 +0200

Dnia 15 października 2012 19:22 j l <> napisał(a):

> We never spoke, but I felt I knew him... just a little. Goodbye, Uriel.
> "All I know is that while I’m asleep, I’m never afraid, and I have no
> hopes, no struggles, no glories..."

If it was his decision; as some alluded to, then I'm forced to respect
it (and partially relieved), as I firmly believe it's it one of Philosopher
prerogatives, however I'm still sad about losing his potential insight
on matters I have hesitated (too long) to ask him.

I was just distant observer and far from participant, but wherever I've
stumbled upon his opinion, it was always thought provoking for me.
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