Re: [dev] HTML5 screencasts

From: pancake <>
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2012 15:25:42 +0100

Pretty simple way to record a screencast. But i usually want to record them on xnest at 640x480. My dualscreen setup generates too big videos.

Maybe you would like to modify this script to add Support to launch a xephyr/xnest and record there at a given resolution. Also streaming support (icecast?) would be interesting.. So just piping output would work?

I dont know if youterm will come back anytime soon. All the source is out there and if you check it you will realize is a complete mess of perl, shellscript, python, awk, makefiles and C.

I would like to rewrite it in nodejs, single process to control everything and single language for everything.

What i missed in yt was the support for seeking the terminal script. Also.. I wanted to add support for this in the script viewer... But should be also done for the web.

Do we want real video in youterm? Isnt script records enought?

On Oct 21, 2012, at 19:08, Hugues Moretto-Viry <> wrote:

> I like the idea but with recordmydesktop, I don't have to install many dependencies (usually libtheora, the others are already installed by moc). It's really useful for a minimal cast.
> Unfortunately your script is using ffmpeg which needs many more packages.
> And I dislike installing a bunch of dependencies...
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