Re: [dev] HTML5 screencasts

From: Kai Hendry <>
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2012 23:47:02 +0800

On 28 October 2012 22:25, pancake <> wrote:
> Pretty simple way to record a screencast. But i usually want to record them on xnest at 640x480. My dualscreen setup generates too big videos.

Yes, ffcast is better for you then. I actually prefer a smaller
screen, or maybe I've been using Thinkpads for so long. My iphone will
soon eclipse this shitty hardware that Lenovo makes in every way.

> Maybe you would like to modify this script to add Support to launch a xephyr/xnest and record there at a given resolution. Also streaming support (icecast?) would be interesting.. So just piping output would work?

Not sure, I prefer asynchronous anyway.

> I dont know if youterm will come back anytime soon. All the source is out there and if you check it you will realize is a complete mess of perl, shellscript, python, awk, makefiles and C.

Where is your repo? The link from is a 404

> I would like to rewrite it in nodejs, single process to control everything and single language for everything.

Sounds very contemporary ;)

> What i missed in yt was the support for seeking the terminal script. Also.. I wanted to add support for this in the script viewer... But should be also done for the web.
> Do we want real video in youterm? Isnt script records enought?

Probably not for the suckless peeps, but I like to show the
interaction between my terminal and the browser. However I would like
to produce videos where copying & pasting text from the video was
possible, so perhaps the scripts & video can be married?

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