[dev] Troff for typsetting e-mails

From: trebol <trebol55555_AT_yahoo.es>
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2012 21:48:10 +0000

Hi Christoph,
In vi (nvi) I have some maps for mail (I'm using groff):

     "groff to plain utf8 and open as alternate %.ftext
map =¡ :w^M:!groff -kstep -ms -Tutf8 -P -cobu % > %.fmt^M:e%.fmt^M
     "Change to alternate :e#
map V :w^M:e#^M
     "spell Troff
map =Ç :w^M:!hunspell -n -d en_US %^M:e!^M

So when a I write a mail in mutt, with =¡ I see the formated
text, with V I come back to the source, and when I've
finished I replace the source text with :w!#. Also, I have
some abbreviations. For example:

ab mailt .nr HY 0^M.nr HM 0^M.nr PI 3n^M.pl 1000^M\
 .de endofmail^M.pl 0^M..^M.em endofmail^M.so /dat/groff/mail.tmac^M

The endofmail little macro is for avoid the final empty
lines. For quote paragraphs I use this macro:


And remember the glyph's assignations for avoid copy and
paste nightmares (-,', ...). I've copied a commented
unicode.tmac to my local tmac directory.

I like troff, and when I'll make spanish hyphenation without
problems I'll use heirloom troff (4,7M statically linked
with musl, I love it), but for mail, when you've played with
the toys for a while, unless you use a lot of tbl or pic,
it's worthless, believe me, this mail is formatted with
groff (just for fun), and I had to jump to check it a lot of
times, just for a few lines.

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