[dev] [ANNOUNCE] dvtm-0.9

From: Marc Andre Tanner <mat_AT_brain-dump.org>
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2013 13:29:40 +0200


I just released dvtm-0.9, the dwm counterpart for your ssh and framebuffer
console sessions


with sha1sum

 74b9d1f5172fddd6839d932e483d36c6d0ef4b04 dvtm-0.9.tar.gz

This release was at least compile tested on Linux, OpenBSD, NetBSD, FreeBSD,
AIX and Cygwin. Changes since the last release include:

 * copymode

   The copymode gives easy acess to the scroll back buffer. The commands
   use vi style keybindings, use Mod+v to activate it, navigate with
   h,j,k,l,^,$,g,H,M,L,G search with / (forward) and ? (backwards) select
   text with v and copy it with y. Then later paste it with MOD+p.
   The search functionality is also available directly via MOD+/ and MOD+?.

   Read the manual page for further information. This could be useful
   for st users who want a scroll back buffer.

 * alternate screen mode

   The alternate mode is for example used by midnight commander when you
   press CTRL+o to switch between the file manager and the shell where the
   output is now preserved even after multiple switches back and forth.

 * dvtm now ships its own terminfo file dvtm.info (which at this time is
   mostly a copy of the previously used rxvt one) as a consequence $TERM
   within dvtm window is now set to dvtm{,-256color} depending on whether
   the "outer" terminal supports 256 color mode. The value of $TERM within
   dvtm can be overriden by the environment variable DVTM_TERM which
   will be appropriately suffixed by "-256color" if possible.

   So make sure to install the shipped dvtm.info terminal description file
   ("make install" does it by default).

 * MOD+C creates a new window with the same working directory as the
   currently active window (this relies on the /proc filesystem and thus
   only works on Linux furthermore it expects a POSIX.1-2008 conformant
   realpath(3) implementation).

 * -M command line flag to disable mouse support upon startup so that dvtm's
   mouse handling doesn't interfere with standard X text selection

 * -t command line flag to set a static title of the dvtm "root window" i.e.
   the terminal in which dvtm itself runs. If the flag is omitted dvtm now
   sets the title to the one of the currently focused window.

 * dvtm now follows the config.def.h conventions of the other suckless
   projects which prevents conflicts with config.h and thus allows easier
   tracking of the git repository.

 * various terminal emulation fixes
 * various code cleanups all over the place

A thorough code review and patches are always welcome.


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