[dev] Is there any plan on a shell for sbase?

From: Fernando C.V. <ferkiwi_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 31 May 2013 12:05:17 +0100

Probably I'm talking shit here... or maybe this is something you are
considering with sbase already... but I kept thinking about this.

Would it make sense to create a whole shell infrastructure based on
little small commands?

I mean, not just replacing no-brainer builtin things like "echo", etc,
but also things like "if", "while", "for", "set", by doing system()
calls to an extremelly minimal shell. Would it make sense? maybe even
a command for creating pipes. It wouldn't be POSIX-conformant, but
then just as long as the names don't conflict and the commands were
available the script would run on normal shells too.

Then you could have a damn small /bin/sh core that only takes care of
finding things in PATH and doing variable and filename expansion. Then
also you could get rid of some of the irregularities in shell syntax
that make it kind of weird for something that should be so simple.

Would this make sense or would it be extremely inefficient and stupid?

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