[dev] [surf] [PATCH] edit not found urls

From: Edgaras <devoas_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2014 12:19:42 +0200

Since I do not use any history or bookmarks, for a very long time it bugged me
that if you misspell address and page is not found, when you try to edit
address you do not get what you have entered, but get "about:blank" instead.

I would consider it a bug since other browsers let you edit urls if they are
not found. This super minor patch fixes this issue.

The fix is however with some caveats. It will only allow editing url after
opening and not finding page; if you then go to other address and go back (or
go back and go forward to this not found address) it will give url it will give
incorrect url (one from previously opened valid/foudn page). I tried to fix
that, but there are some complications that I was not able to resolve yet, so
for now I left i at this. This basically solves my main gripe, and is just one
line change.

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