[dev] st stutters and freezes, with 100% cpu usage, during window resize via mouse drag

From: Parke <parke.nexus_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2014 18:13:58 -0800


I use the Openbox window manager with xterm. I just tried replacing
xterm with st.

Compared to xterm, st will stutter/freeze when I resize a window by
dragging a window edge with the mouse. I have Openbox set to refresh
the window contents during the resize.

Xterm pretty much stays in sync with my resizing. In comparison, the
stutter/lag with st is annoying. If I aggressively resize the window
(say 10 seconds of continuous up/down resizing), xterm will stay in
sync. st will stutter, then freeze. CPU usage will max out at 100%
(mostly in the X server). Even after I stop resizing the window, st
will still be frozen (sometimes for over 10 seconds) with CPU usage at

I am running X with the VESA video driver on a 1.2ghz Celeron, on Ubuntu 13.04.

I thought the performance delta between xterm and st might be of interest.

st also uses slightly more memory than xterm.

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