Re: [dev] What is bad with Python

From: Chris Down <>
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2014 16:27:24 +0800

FRIGN writes:
> Well, what I noticed is the huge size of the compiled binaries.
> 2.2M for a "Hello World"-program is an unreasonable demand. It's
> possible to strip the size to around 1.2M by passing
> -ldflags '-s -w'
> to "go build".
> This is quite inhibiting, but I'm glad to see this modern
> language default to static linking.

Storage space is really cheap. If there is some reason that it is
desirable for the binaries to be bigger as a tradeoff, I am all in
favour of it (of course, if the binary size can be reduced without much
complication, I'm also in favour of that, I just don't care an awful lot
in non-embedded scenarios, where I would almost certainly use C anyway).

Also, "Hello World" is not really representative of a typical program.
Bear in mind that there are many things that you bear the cost of using
once, and not again. I agree the size seems large, but with drives
floating at around $0.00005/MB, I care little about it for non-embedded

I appreciate that my needs/use cases are not necessarily representative
of others on this list.

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